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What are you creating that uses the ideas of the 21st century skills map?

Here is a link for a unit about the African Roots of Latino culture, with a focus on Choco, Colombia. The connecting strand throughout the whole unit is music by ChocQuib Town, a Colombian band. Rather than learning just the language, students are learning about something in the language - much more interesting, engaging and relevant. There is also a description of three types of assessments: interpersonal, interpretational, and presentational.

Link to African Roots of Latino culture, with a focus on Choco, Colombia
Website with links for this unit.
21st Century Skills Map Alignment for Unit

La Familia-a tech infused unit

Using VoiceThread as a Tool for Language Learning

Learning Outcomes

  • creation of an educational VoiceThread [1] product that students take ownership of and are eager to share with the world
  • usage of the future tense verb in Spanish
  • demonstrate increased knowledge of grammar, pronunciation and presentation skills
  • communication in Spanish of ideas and opinions surrounding a central theme of discussion

Course Rationale

When learning a second language, learners often struggle in several key areas:
  • comprehending new vocabulary
  • mastering pronunciation
  • expressing complete thoughts in the target language
  • fear of not being understood