8. Flexibility and Adaptability
Students as flexible and adaptable language learners are open-minded, willing to take risks, and accept the ambiguity of language while balancing diverse global perspectives.

Flexibility and Adaptability

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Sarah Shackelford
Clermont Northeastern HS

Students practice the use of circumlocution and other communicative strategies with a group of community volunteers who are fluent in the target language, and who visit the school once per month for an informal conversation/café hour . Each volunteer circulates to speak one on one with a predetermined number of students during the allotted time period.
Native or near native fluency community volunteers: parents, Alliance Française members, retired French teachers, etc
(from Sarah Shackelford)

Greta Lundgaard
Plano ISD
Plano, Tx 75075
All languages
Working in small groups, each group is given a city found in the target culture. The group of learners will be working to plan a trip to their specific city. Each day of the unit (sequence & timeline to be determined by instructor), instructor gives the group a travel problem to solve. Using their own knowledge, the knowledge of their group members, or knowledge acquired digitally, each group solves the problem to their own satistfaction and reports out to class. The next "day" in the sequence, the instructor gives them back their solution, and adds a complication or factor that makes the original solution unworkable or now inappropriate. The group solves the new problem based on the additional information and reports out. This sequence continues, working through each phase of planning a trip, taking a trip, being on a trip, at the instructor's discretion. Each group keeps a travel blog via web, poster, etc to annotate journey, problems, & solutions. (NOTE: lots of pre-planning required on instructor's part to put students in situation to demonstrate flexibility/problem solving, etc. WORTH IT.) Form of final product describing/illustrating entire saga to be determined by instructor/learners. (Interpretive; Presentational)
Working in small groups, each group will plan an Eco-tour. Group chooses ecological purpose & location. Using digital media, group develops a travel diary defining Sociological Information (ecological issue, current situation, future consequences or ramifications, and task the group will do to contribute to changes); Practical Information (travel arrangements, cultural issues, financial issues), and Personal Reflections (each group member makes commentary-real or imagined-regarding their own personal committment to trip/issue). Form and/or requirements of final product to be determined by instructor/learners. (Interpretive; Presentational)

internet access; digital tools; presentation tools